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dna testing for the health, fitness and beauty industry

we all know that a one-size approach doesn’t work. Without dna testing, advice recommend to one client about nutrition, exercise, mindset or supplementation can bring completely different results for another



would you like the confidence to understand your clients better by accessing and sharing their individual dna testing results with them?

would you like to increase adherence to their fitness plans?

would you like to provide them with clearly presented information, backed by science and facts?

then you may wish to apply for the genefit dna testing trade account! what’s included?



– trade price products

– 1-1 consultation for each dna test, with one of our knowledgeable genefit consultants

– our ‘no-nonsense guide to dna testing’

– an example dna report

– our ‘performance dna micro-nutrient guide’

– weekly informative e-mails, on all things dna and beyond



this facility essentially allows you to order our dna testing kits on behalf of your clients, at a reduced cost. you can then sell them as part of your professional package. we can provide training for trade account holders to confidently interpret and deliver a dna consultation to clients.  this would create additional potential revenues for your business, and we know from experience that your referrals would rocket!



whether you are a sole trader or a multi-site operation, we believe you would benefit from the genefit dna testing trade account and add serious value to your professional offering, as well as upskilling yourself and others in your workforce


we would like to get to know you and your business as quickly as possible, so send us as much information as you can when applying. we can then discuss the best way we can implement a dna testing trade account for your business, to start increasing both your income and professional service.


if you work in the health and fitness industry, you can help your clients reach all kinds of goals faster by understanding their genetics with dna testing

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